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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wedding Was Fun

If you remember a few months ago we were going to the wedding?
My husband's niece Karen was getting married to Ralph.
Finally I could share a few pictures of that event!
Don't be fulled by pretty photos (those photographers are awesome!) - the day was cold, windy and gloomy! We were very, very, very cold. But the wedding was beautiful and fun!
Thank you for inviting us, Ralph and Karen.
Thank you for sharing your special day with us.
Wish you all the best and long, happy life together!

The bride and the groom were stunning.
The ceremony was short and beautiful.
The reception started quite traditionally and ended up being a discotheque with DJ for all ages.
Nicole danced non-stop and was wet as a mouse!
Here is the song new weds danced to at night - PSY-
it was lots of fun!

Does this music remind you a famous hit by Ricky Martin?!
It sure reminds me!


  1. Ира,какие красивые фотки, и все очень счастливые! Молодоженам счастья и любви!


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