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Monday, December 3, 2012

Silicone Saibashi

I got my cooking Silicone Saibashi!

I told you I won a giveaway?!
Here it is!
Cannot even tell you how happy, proud, and excited I am to have them!!! They are so cool to cook with.
Thank you very much,  
Allison Day and Rachael Hutchings 
from Miso Hungry podcast that is all about Japanese food.
I am big fan of your podcast, Girls!
Thank you for giving us all about such beautiful country with unique style, tradition, and food!
Thank you for your colorful pictures, wonderful stories, and awesome recipes!

And my and my daughter's absolute favorite - Me-Me-Miso Hungry song.
It is so, sooo cute!
We cannot stop humming the tune.

Love Rachael's blog with lots of recipes, tips, and tricks.
And just look at this Allison's creations, pictures are mouthwatering!