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Monday, February 11, 2013

Entrelac Hats

I found this cool videos from eliZZZa on knitting Entrelac Hat, top down and decided to try it.
I found some acrylic yarn and went on.
Started with DPN's and then switched to circular needles.
Really liked to work "backwards purling". First time I've read about this technique in EZ books.
Here you see what I've got.
I have about 7 rows of entrelac squares. And it creates a beret or slouchy hat.
For a regular hat I would need to knit less rows of squares, I guess.

Needles - 4.5 mm for hat body and 4 mm for the band
Yarn - variegated acrylic, worsted weight
Project on Ravelry

Here are my hats/berets.
The band I knitted double and sewed it on.


  1. Ириш, ух ты!!! супер-шапочка!!!

    1. Спасибо, Светуль! Теперь я хочу попробовать вязать такую снизу-вверхю Понесло Остапа....


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