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Sunday, December 8, 2013

All Times Low!

Winter hit us hard this year!
So much for Global Warming!
Last time we had here such low temperature in November 1972.
Of course I wasn't here.
I don't do well in the cold and by this don't do a good justification to my country.
Snow is everywhere. Schools on Friday were canceled. So we stayed home.
I never drove in snow and feel quite nervous to take Nicole to school on Monday.
Maybe it will be canceled again?
Silly hummingbirds decided to stay with us this Winter and I keep filling up their feeders, defrost, and refill. I wish they could go south....
I didn't take pictures of outside, don't feel like going there, but Nicole plays in the snow every day!
Here are some live cameras that takes periodic shots at weather conditions.
Here you go - Roseburg, Oregon at 11:22 in the morning today.

We've got Nicole school pictures.
She looks funny on them. Beige background is not her friend.
I ordered a package of one to the right.
Another milestone - she lost her fifth baby tooth. This time on the top.
Her smile is so silly and I always giggle looking at her.
She is very proud!
Who new this is such a big deal for kids?!
Continue knitting and crocheting.
Hat for Jason. He really needed this hat. 
It was an improvised quick project.

Next shipments to my loyal customer in Florida.
Thank you, Jackie!

Small order - baby hat for a baby shower.
Another pair of the slippers.
One of my friends loves them so much! She bought them from me last year and asked to make another pair again, for her entire family!

Sewing. Tunic for Nicole.
Combined one of my T-shirt (which she loves) and light cotton knit fabric from my stash.
The heart applique idea came from watching Natalie Chanin class on Craftsy.
Oh! I so want to make the class project - heavily embroidered coat.
Maybe I get brave.
Some day.

We spent Thanksgiving day at Seven Feathers casino and resort.
Met with family and had yummy lunch together, gambled a bit, wandered around and chatted.
The casino already had Christmas theme and you could see pretty decorated Christmas trees everywhere.
I love this!
Of course, I took pictures.


  1. Ира, надо же, сколько у вас снега!!! У нас еще не все желтые листочки опали.
    Навязала ты много, конечно, трудяга! Николь такая смешная без зубика))), у нас еще ни одной потери пока...

    1. Спасибо Юля!
      Да, снега много. Давно здесь такого не было. Все мерзнут с непривычки.
      Ой, не спешите терять зубики, я теперь все время переживаю чтоб кариеса не было. Скажу Николете что у сестрички еще пока все на месте.
      Наслаждайтесь осенью

  2. Ириша, сколько снега! Кошмарики просто, я уже и забыла про такое.
    Сердечки понравились! И вязаные, и аппликация!
    Смелее! Даешь вышитое пальто!

    1. Правда кошмарики! Я четвертый день из дома нос не высовую. Не люблю холод! Да, Гуля, ты бы такое пальто сразу поборола, а я вот пока только облизываюсь на него.... Вот ссылка на него -,45


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