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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Big Thing in a Small Package!

After several years of begging us and making all sorts of promises, we gave up and got Nicole an early Birthday present - a PUPPY!
I've been looking everywhere to get us a min pin, girl puppy. They are not as popular in America, especially rare on the West coast.
My friends also were notified by Nicole to look for the pup.
And soon I've gotten a link from my friend. It was a Rescue mission site in Eugene, OR. They had a mama- minpin/ Chihuahua mix at the foster home. And mama-dog was pregnant. So we waited. Finally mama  had her babies. and after long process of papers, communications, "maybe's ", not sure's, meeting with puppies, house check... we were approved! To Nicole's delight. The price was $250, if you wonder.
Our friends helped us with some puppy gear, we purchased the rest.
And now we have a puppy!
She is almost 4 months old (was born on Dec. 8, 2014), min pin/ chi mix, happy girl!
Nicole named her Minnie. We think it fits her well.
She is so much fun! Very energetic and well-natured puppy.
She is not a pure breed, but who cares, we love her very much!
She is hard to photograph as she moves extremely fast! And my cell phone camera catches only blurs... :-)))
Still training her to go potty....
A few pictures from the foster home, where Minnie played with her siblings.

First day at home -

Getting to know the outside world -

Playing with the toys -

And taking a nap on the top of her crate -

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