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Monday, June 24, 2013

Black Sheep Gathering, 2013

And another year of Black Sheep fiber festival is here!
source - Internet

After several days we spent in the mountains, we went to Eugene to check out the Fiber Festival.
It was not as hot, as normally at this time of year.
While Jason was circling around I spotted my favorite person -  Judith MacKenzie, walking to the building, and frantically waived at her. She waived back. It made my day!
Firstly, we sat down and had some lunch. Than Nicole and Jason went to look at the animals...
And I, with my camera, went on....
one of the booth - items made with small square woven pieces
Lady was working on the picker with alpaca fiber
One of my favorites - yarns! Last year I got two cones of gold....
outside booth
here I bought 1lb of superwash merino top-roving
getting inside
at the entrance
Opulent Fiber booth with yummy fiber
Shetland fibers
my favorite people - Beth and Kevin Hansen working with customers
Stash booth
Fantasy Fiber booth
Skazka Design booth by Galina Khmeleva - Сказка Дизайн от Галины Хмелевой
more of Skazka Design - лоток Галины Хмелевой
entering Second building
more of yummy fiber
lots of fiber!

custom blended fibers
Nicole with Lamb-Marionette
Clemens&Clemens booth
Third building, Alpacas....
lots of everything - fiber, books, needles, looms....
they also had special prices on Glimakra RH looms
Entering animal building - Prettifying the sheep
the sheep is quiet
covered sheep
Jackob sheep competition
Going back to the fiber - Fiber-mill, with lots of fiber "punis"
fiber blends
Duncan electric carders
Great Wheel
hand-dyed yarn and silks
spindles of all kinds
pretty cool looking metal spinning wheels
happy spinners
more of blended fibers
more fiber
MacKenzie Textile booth
pretty display