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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Patriotic Baby Set

Very often people ask me to make/knit/crochet something for babies or children form the pictures.
I do like that!
Very often my friends ask me how do I do it.

Today I would like to show you my recent order -  Patriotic Set for NB

Along with this Patriotic set request, I got an order of 33 items,  and a tiny picture of the set.
I got it probably a month ago.
No rush, I was told.
Here is my 33 pieces order, already sent off  -
While I was working on the order, I needed a little break, as always, so I made a small area rug, long due to replace the old one.
Here is the project on Ravelry, where you could get more information about it.
I kept on trying to make the Patriotic set, which is also looks like a Dr. Seuss book character's hat.
The image I had was very, very small. I couldn't see hardly anything!
I made a picture search and found the source. The work was done by a lady from CA, and here is her Etsy shop - AvaGirlDesigns
The hat and diaper cover are done on a round/flat loom.
I am not big fan of the loom, I think this device is mostly for children or novices. Don't get me wrong - it is a perfect help if you are a beginner!  I got it, tested it out, and set aside, for my daughter.
I do have the loom, though, but, if you know me, I wanted to make this set better!
That's why I tried and tried a lot of stitches, hook #s, different yarns...
Tonight, I finally finished one mock-up set and will send the pictures to my customer for approval.
Another thing I need to note, my price for the set is going to be the half of that on Etsy..., probably around $23-25.
I do apologize for the quality of my pictures, it is midnight here.
Please let me know what do you think about this set - 


  1. Ириша, прикольно для фоток малышковых! Твой сет выглядит так, что им можно и в обычной жизни попользоваться после фотосессии, это ведь замечательно. Цветочки на попке просто умилительные!

    1. Гуля, спасибо большое! Да, это не только цвета Американского флага, но еще и шапка любимого здесь книжного героя - Кота в Шляпе.

  2. Понравились фотки! Можно я создам статью с твоими несколькими фотками в своем дневнике по ткачеству на ЛиРу с ссылкой на твой пост?


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